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Product Overview - WCs

Close Coupled WC

Close coupled toilets, once the most common due to ease of installation consist of 2 parts, where the cistern including flushing mechanism is fitted directly on top of the toilet pan. Choose from closed back to wall design to conceal pipe work from view, ensuring a neater finish and easier cleaning or open back for easier installation. All feature efficient dual flush mechanism.


Back to Wall

Floor standing back to wall toilets do not need any type of support frame as they are fitted to the floor and allow the toilet to have a smaller footprint in order to maximise room space. They do require the a cistern to be built into the wall or installed inside toilet furniture. Back to Wall toilets offer the best solution for a straight replacement of a close coupled toilet.


Wall Hung

Wall hung toilets feature all the space-saving benefits of a back to wall toilet and are designed to be fitted with a supporting installation frame which contains an in-built cistern. These frames can support a weight of up to 400kg for complete peace of mind and allow the user to adjust the height of the toilet to suit all the family.


Raising the toilet oŸ the floor creates the illusion of even more space and promotes better hygiene by making cleaning the bathroom easier.


The in-wall frame can be installed in a wall cavity, or on selected models using one of our toilet furniture units on the wall removing the need for costly installation.

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