Product Overview - Shower Enclosures

Sliding Doors

Great for any size bathroom and a great space saver since the door does not swing out into the room. Sliding doors have two glass panels of which one slides on to open and close.


Easily fitted into an alcove or add side panels to create a corner solution.

Hinged Doors


These doors offer the widest entry width, swinging out to open, on some models hinged inwards too. They can easily be fitted to a wall profile or an inline panel depending on the space available.

Pivot Doors


Pivot doors have an offset hinge mechanism which allows less of the door to fold into the room. These doors are great for maximising door opening widths and reducing space required outside the enclosure.




Quadrant doors are always used in a corner. Sliding door versions are great for maximising space, a single door sliding quad version offers wider door opening; the hinged door option provides even wider door openings for more spacious bathrooms.

In-Fold Doors


In-fold doors feature an ingenious, smooth cantilever moving action, half of the door folds into the enclosure and half into the room, saving space. Great in smaller spaces this door type allows a greater opening space to access the enclosure.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors operate in the way that their name implies. Two glass panels fold in on themselves, thanks to central hinges and smooth-running rollers.


Because they donʼt swing out into the bathroom, they are excellent in smaller spaces with or without a side panel.

Pentagon and Corner Entry


Pentagon doors are also used when the shower is located in the corner. They provide good in shower standing space with the advantage of using less space in the room than a quadrant option.

Great for smaller bathrooms since the doors donʼt open outward, corner entry enclosures have two doors sliding on rollers to create an easy access opening.

Corner Entry


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